We Are Coates

Coates Group is a global leader in innovative technologies redefining how businesses connect with their consumers – admired for our people, partnerships and product. Leveraging a traditional, customer-focused family business model, Coates innovates with start-up like agility in a fast paced, data-driven world. We are changing the digital signage industry with our unique end-to-end merchandising solutions.

We have a passion for people and a daring willingness to do things differently. Between our 6 global offices, we have an ever-growing team of ambitious and collaborative individuals. We pride ourselves on constantly challenging the industry norm to deliver unrivalled results.

Our Values

Our Values are a small set of beliefs which guide the actions of the Coates Crew and determine who & what we aspire to be. Fire it up!

One In,
All In

Teamwork means we have each other’s back – our individuals, our business, our partners, our clients. We all work together to achieve great things.

As a team, we share our successes and work through our challenges, and we understand that together we achieve much more than working alone. It’s One In, All In.

Aim Up, Stand Out

When we talk about Quality, we stand out. We have uncompromising standards we hold ourselves accountable to.

We strive for excellence in all we do and we push the boundaries to achieve more – we aim up! We expect high performance and we recognise standout achievement.

Job done.

Passion For People

We care, people are everything to us. We are passionate about the People we work with. We are energised, engaged and focused on growing together.

Relationships, success and enjoying the ride – that’s what we are here for.

Be Real,

Integrity is about being honest and open. It’s about trust.
It’s a commitment to deliver what we promise – with no excuses.

We keep it real, and we think that’s unreal.

Think Big, Dare To Innovate

We value ideas, we deliver solutions. We think BIG.
We have a relentless drive to be the best, going the extra mile to exceed expectations.

We seize opportunities to do things better, to Innovate.

It’s a daring willingness to do things differently. We get it.

Meet The Coates Crew

Meet some of the Coates Crew from around the world. Coming together to create products and experiences for your brands and digital solutions.

Leo Coates

Chief Executive Officer | GLOBAL

Marcus Coates


Henry Mowat

President | US & EUROPE

Lucy Ohlsson

Chief of Staff | GLOBAL

James Logie-Smith

Chief Financial Officer | GLOBAL

Tim Knoblanche

Chief Customer Officer | GLOBAL

Wes Fagan

Chief Experience Officer | GLOBAL

Guy Foster

Chief Product & Technology Officer | GLOBAL

Anthony Mizzi

Chief Supply Chain Officer | GLOBAL

Alex Walker

Regional General Manager | AMEA

Pravin Bhagwat

General Manager | MEA

Sandeep Raghuvanshi

General Manager | INDIA

Adam Rush

International Markets Manager | SEA

Massimiliano Schilliro

Market Director | JAPAN

Walter Zheng

General Manager | CHINA

Marc Stubbs

Operations Director | AMSTERDAM

Tom Chapman

General Manager | AUS & NZ

Tony Carvatta

Vice President | US

Ardi Veselaj

General Manager | CANADA

Sylvain Quilleret

General Manager | FRANCE


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