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We recently joined forces with our partners at Intel to host a webinar with QSR Magazine that explored how brands can better understand the crucial moments inside the customer journey, the insights that influence those interactions, and how to make actionable improvements to create the customer journey of the future.

Leading the conversation was our very own Rob Cervetto, an Experience Designer based in Sydney, and Intel’s Ravi Sirigineedi, Global Restaurant Lead. They both shared their industry expertise and provided takeaways for brands to leverage with their unique technology and customer experience insight at the forefront.

Rob Cervetto is an Experience Designer at Coates Group, working out of our global headquarters in Sydney, Australia. Rob’s role revolves around the digital customer journey – understanding the needs, pains and desires of modern-day digital consumers, and identifying and creating innovative human-centered product and service solutions to alleviate end-user pains and elevate the customer experience at every digital touchpoint.

Ravi Sirigineedi is a Global Restaurant Lead in the Internet of Things Retail, Banking, Hospitality and Education Division at Intel. In this role, he works closely with the Restaurants solution provider ecosystem spanning multiple product lines including Digital Signage, Kiosks, Vending, POS, Edge computing and AI. Working with this ecosystem, he shapes the future of new technology platforms that deliver richer, more engaging and more relevant experiences.

Watch the full webinar below, or read on for a quick summary of the discussion.

How do we leverage technology to unlock new customer journeys?

First, we must understand the users at the core of your brand ecosystem – your customers.

Tomorrow’s consumers will expect experiences that are seamlessly tailored to their needs – powered by access to unlimited information and available on demand anywhere, any time.

3 Types of Experiences Customers Will Expect:

    • Convenient
    • Frictionless
    • Integrated

After understanding the expectations, we dove into the trends that are driving brands to evolve the way they engage and connect with their customers in a post-COVID world.

3 Key Areas Driving Customer Expectations:

    • Redefined Restaurants
      • Extending Your Reach
      • Contactless Initiatives
      • Offline to Online
    • Overhauled Operations
      • Evolution of the Footprint
      • Dynamic Distribution
      • Dark Kitchens
    • Data-driven Discovery
      • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
      • IoT Devices
      • 5G

Finally, we discussed how brands can use these trends and insights to leverage technology and data to meet customer expectations, and ultimately unlock these new customer journeys.

3 Customer Experience Expectations & Technology that Enables Them:

    • Convenient
      • Dynamic Wayfinding
      • Small-Footprint Touchpoints
      • Web-Based Order Platforms
      • Contactless Touchpoints
      • AI Voice Integration
      • Virtual Assistants
    • Frictionless
      • Offline to Online Handover
      • Dynamic Menuboard Content
      • Machine Learning
      • Analytics
      • Back & Front-End Automation
      • IoT Devices
      • Edge Computing
    • Integrated
      • Cross-Platform System Integrations
      • Third-Party Partnerships
      • Payment Flexibility
      • Biometrics
      • Loyalty Programs
      • Harnessing Data

Rob and Ravi left the group with three final tips to unlock new customer journeys:

    1. Dissect Data to Enable Integrations
    2. Transform Operations to Reduce Friction
    3. Redefine the Restaurant to Maximize Convenience

Interested in joining the conversation? Have questions for our experts? Let’s chat some more:

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